Inspired by our friends and allies in Toronto, we Sacramentans are working to combat rape culture and to promote sexual empowerment. Slutwalk Sacramento is planned for MAY 2013 (day TBA) on the west steps of the California State Capitol at 2:00pm. Spread the word! Reblog us, retweet us, and tell your friends, families, classmates, and coworkers!
Is there going to be a slutwalk this year? (2014)
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No, not unless somebody else does one. We need a new team.

If you asked your girlfriend, “Do you want a Hawaiian vacation for your birthday?” and she didn’t say anything, would you buy plane tickets? If you asked someone at the grocery store, “I only have one item, do you mind if I check out ahead of you?” and they stared determinedly into space, would you cut in front of them? Why is it that “you didn’t say no” applies only to sex?



Slut Walk Tel Aviv 2014

The Slut walk was triggered by a representative of the Toronto Police who said in 2011: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”. since then it was grew to a global movement, with Satellites happening all over the world.


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this is beyond perfect, she is beyond perfect

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Instead of me having to explain why I don’t like rape jokes, how about you explain why you find them funny.

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i was gonna ask why in anti rape ads the dudes are always like “these women are our wifes, daughters, sisters, mothers” but they never call them people instead of defining them by their relation to men but i know exactly why

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